Internet marketing is not an easy task and requires a comprehensive strategy to be effective.  Marketing Ape has over 10 years of experience helping small and medium sized businesses compete with their much larger competitors via the Internet.  Our slogan, compete with your 800 lb. gorilla, is the essence of what we help you achieve.  While many of the same "tools" are used to implement a client's marketing strategy, Marketing Ape creates a unique and tailored strategy to perfectly suit your goals.  We never force you into a predefined, canned "solution" because we don't have any!



Every project begins with diligent research.  Our marketing professionals learn about your specific business goals and the unique challenges you face.  Marketing Ape has successfully helped clients in a wide variety of industries.  If we haven't already learned about your industry, rest assured knowing it won't be an impediment for us!  Once we have a firm understanding of your products and/or services, Marketing Ape begins to research the words and phrases people use when searching for your products/services.  Our marketing professionals uncover everything from common search terms to the more obscure search terms.  After we identify how people search for your products/services, Marketing Ape researches the competition you face online.  With this research in mind, we can then build an effective strategy to overcome the challenges you face with marketing your business online.


Brand Development

Your brand is your identity.  Increasing your website's visibility on the Internet is only one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Your brand needs to communicate your business products/services in a memorable way.  Building your brand doesn't have to take a huge portion of your marketing budget.  When done properly, your brand grows as your web presence grows.



Content is king....but even kings fall without the proper support.  Content can make up for a lot of shortcomings but it is just one part of a marketing strategy.   Writing content in a search engine friendly format is the first step in having effective content.  How that content is structured in the website is just as important.  For more sophisticated marketing plans, it is likely that marketing your content beyond your website will be necessary.  Content marketing can be a very effective way to build your brand AND improve your web presence on the Internet.


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Many of our clients are surprised by the cost of our services.  Marketing Ape works hard to keep overhead low while providing exceptional results.  Our custom tailored approach does not mean custom tailored pricing (expensive).  In fact, the most common feedback we get from clients is the exceptional value we provide and return on investment.

Contact a Marketing Ape professional today to learn more about how we can improve your marketing efforts and make you money - not cost you money!  Contact us online or call 636-442-1942 today!

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